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Mario Esposito, a genuine individual and a genuine artist, his paintings hold a strong pull for audiences, as if it is a living being, every time you study one of his works they appear almost different each time. His glazes leave you glimpsing into his work and gives the thought of it hiding some being, with immense spaces that seem devoid of colour but contain infinite sensations. Each piece of his work is created with liberal brushstrokes and no uncertainty about its delivery, I have personally witnessed the creations from his hands, wonderful works taking shape and life without ever comprehending where it would end. His horses transmit the power and the desire for freedom that is in each of us, his glimpses of Southampton dockland, with cranes, fish and shellfish created with a subtle veil of colour that gave strength and life to Mario's works.


I believe his paintings seemingly simple and delicate and light are not, they are the result of harmony between the brain, heart and hand and this can only be achieved by those very few that possess these skills and qualities together with the gift God gave him. Sometimes, one can wonder how to look and understand a work of art, it is not hard you simply need be yourself free from any pressure or fear of being incompetent, for true art is so, the skill of a true artist who knows how to engage and convey his thought and his desires to communicate something to the whole world, freeing you from within and to heighten your emotions… The artist that can do this is a true artist, which is what Mario Esposito is.


Lino Russo KBArt. March 2015




Mario Esposito (Expo) is truly a great artist whose talents have, been recognised in Italy and other parts of Europe. Having recently attended the first private view in London of Expo’s work I was amazed at the diversity of his style of painting and the many different mediums he used - even incorporating a pair of his own jeans on one canvas! There is great depth to his work and the viewer is constantly rewarded by hidden glimpses of images that appear to manifest themselves differently on each viewing. I now have my own piece of Expo Art, ‘La Vista’, which has a prominent place in our home and gives great pleasure to all who view it. It is only a matter of time before Expo gets the international acclaim that he so rightly deserves.


Diane Wallace




Mario Esposito, versatile artist, mapped out a path crowned by experience starting in his homeland and continued navigating European cities. He was a friend of mine throughout his artistic life which spanned over 50 years. He attended the School of Ceramics of Cosenza from 1955 to 1964, later he moved to Rome, where he lived for a long time, expanding and enriching his knowledge. He continued to wonder through Europe, starting with France and onto England, concluding in Germany before returning to Calabria. During his stay in Calabria, his works were exhibited in several art galleries, both through personal and collective exhibitions. The Calabrian gallery Emilio Perfetti art lover and also a friend of Mario held several exhibitions.


His expressions are enriched from cultural integration, at a time when Art in Southern Italy was starting to flourish, he was able to inject a fresh breath of culture which fermented art featured throughout Calabria, such as: Exhibitions, competitions and lots of awards beginning with Villa San Giovanni up to Pizzo and Cosenza. It had been a period of revival, social and cultural development for this land which offered emigration exclusively. In his works, Mario has shown the validity of research, research that always accompanied him always working with painstaking perseverance in order to get what his creativity suggested to him. His works have a freshness and a setting that testifies his full creative abilities and his deep technical knowledge. His life then, with its special implications delineated by highs and lows, gave him reason to paint some issues , that, often revealed the various influences acquired, during his stay abroad. This ‘appearance’ that only artists with intellectual honesty witness and transmit,so that his message from within can arrive and remain… This is how it was for Mario.


How many memories! .... I would like to share one which happened shortly before his passing, it was one afternoon, when I received a call from him overjoyed that one of his works of art had been placed on show at the international airport of Lamezia Terme. For an artist, an event such as this is so rewarding as this means not only appreciation and recognition, but, above all, testimony of their roots and belonging to this land. Thank you Mario for your friendship and for the memories of a distant time, when Sunday’s, we went to paint in contact with nature, together with our friends of the Art School Mario Mauro, Gianbattista Salatino and others. We lived then with a charge from "Boheme" with many sacrifices, full of enthusiasm and, steeped values. We lived that ideal of art full of meaning, where our speeches, our works were vital, pristine and uncontaminated. Thank you Mario, for your art and your friendship 


Raffaele Crovara – Il Quotidiano

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