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Mario Esposito (Expo) 1935 - 2012


An exceptionally talented international artist, Maestro Mario Esposito  was born in Southern Italy at Cittadella del Capo-Bonifati on 11 May, 1935. He attended Art & Ceramics school in Cosenza under Masters Baccelli and Crovara. He later moved to Naples and then Rome, becoming friends with Turchiaro and Quattrucci. Together they held various exhibitions and were part of the artist movement of Via Margutta Rome, established in 1953.


Expo met and became friends with the Italian Actor Walter Chiari (who had a tempestuous affair with Ava Gardner who was married to Frank Sinatra at the time) and he helped Expo into the world of cinema by getting him a job as the assistant costume designer in Cinecitta for the film ‘Vino, Whisky & Acqua Salata’. He also worked under Vesipgniani in his workshop, and rumour is that Vespigniani told the young Expo to leave, confiding to friends that his talent was great and he was in fear it may overshadow his own.


Expo moved to the UK, married and had three daughters. When he returned to Italy he opened a ceramics business, which he kept for almost 10 years. In 1977 Expo became one of the main promoters for the group ‘Arte Insieme’. After several exhibitions in London, France, Rome, Milan, Russia (Italia - Bielorussi, Reggio Calabria Minks) he holds a number of accolades and exhibitions under his belt. He is also listed under the Catalogo Nazionale Bolaffi D'Arte Monderna No 10; II Quadrato. Following a number of exhibitions, Expo moved to the seaside resort of Campora San Giovanni, where he devoted a lot of his time to painting and promoting art through the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Academia Senocrito (cultural association for music and art). 


One of his last works of art can now be admired in the airport of Lamezia Terme, titled "il Volo', covered by the National press, this masterpiece can now be admired and enjoyed by travellers from across the world who go to Calabria.


After a bohemian lifestyle, the artist who became a recluse, lived out his years in a small village in Calabria, Campora San Giovanni, where he sadly passed away on the 26th January 2012. 


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