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Foundation of Expo-Art


I reside in the UK with my family and alongside my husband founded Expo-Art, to commemorate the life and works of my father.


In terms of Expo-Art’s focus, appreciating that works created by the Master are now limited, high quality registered number prints on archival museum quality paper was a logical path to take. This gave the opportunity to maintain the standards always applied by Expo and be able to sell affordable international art to art lovers worldwide.


In our case, we looked at all the options to sell Art on-line through the various market places available, however felt that particularly in the case of an Artist who has passed, it is critical to maintain exclusivity. 


In addition our consideration had to be about the limited number of prints available, so a level of control is required. With this in mind, we have chosen the path of selling through our own web site, which has generated an awful lot of interest. It also allows the viewer to discover far more about the artist in view the site is exclusively about him.


The web site produces a lot of interest and on the back of the enquiries, we have organised some fabolous exhibitions and private viewings which have generated an avid following of collectors!


Art is incredibly personal, there is a need to connect to a piece and appreciate it for all the right reasons. 


Our path has been one to re-establish his presence worldwide, due to ill health the final piece of work from Expo, which still hangs in the International Airport of Lamezia Terme in Italy was in the national press some 10 months before his passing, hence a need to re establish his presence back in the Art world.


One could argue that in such cases the journey is harder, however with such technical brilliance it has been nothing but an honour and privilege to be able to show off his talents.


If you are interested in a private viewing please contact us via the contact page.



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