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Welcome to the world of Mario Esposito -'Expo'.

Welcome to Expo-Art


Expo-Art represents the life and works of the international artist Mario Esposito "Expo". When Mario passed away in 2012, his daughter Sandra Esposito decided to continue expanding the awareness of Expo’s talents worldwide, and share with others the masterpieces he created during his lifetime. 


Sandra is the curator of Expo-Art, which exhibits and sells Expo limited edition prints (signed and authenticated by Sandra), along with some of his original life’s work. Sandra herself is also an artist who paints for leisure.


Please take some time to explore this website where you will find further information on the life of Expo, along with a gallery where you can view some of his well loved masterpieces. In addition there is a shop should you wish to purchase and own a limited edition piece of this very talented artists work. Click here to read more.

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